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This place is a car’s History Masterpiece

The Timeless Nethercutt Collection & Museum

If you are a vintage car enthusiast and haven’t heard of the Nethercutt, you might wonder why and this is finally your chance to discover this amazing place. The Nethercutt Collection and Museum is a world-class automotive collection with hundreds of historical cars.

It is considered as one of America’s five greatest automobile museums! And this place is truly astonishing… It almost seems to be in a royal palace in which everything has tremendous historical value and it’s a masterpiece in its own.


While the main focus is on classic and vintage cars, the Nethercutt also includes a world-class collection of vintage mechanical instruments including phonographs, grand pianos and much more. Lets not forget the antique furniture, clocks and watches, automobile mascots and hood ornaments. And there is also a pretty big collection of trophies that had been won thanks to all the award winning cars.


Everything is fully functional and you’ll be amazed by the rarities of the artifacts that you will encounter here.


Check out the video tour of this amazing collection in the next page below!

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