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The Muscle Cars Heaven Exists!

If you love muscle cars then this place could be addictive!

This is probably one of the most incredible place that every muscle car lover could ever dream to visit…

In Punta Gorda, FL, there is the Muscle Car City Museum of Rick Treworgy.
Two acres filled with beautiful cars ready to delight your eyes!


The collection of this man is astonishing: in more then 40 years he collected so many glorious pieces that there are several dozens of cars of the same model in different colors and equipments. All the cars are in mint conditions today as they were in the past. It’s almost impossible to choose from where to start the visit and photos or videos are not able to give you an idea of how big and crazy this place is!

If you love american muscle cars, a visit to this heaven is a must!

Enjoy the videos below but you are warned… you will not be able to sleep 😉 


You can plan your visit at the Muscle Car City Museum clicking here

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