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Historical General Motors 50 Million Cars Celebration

General Motors celebrates the milestone of 50 million cars produced!

The General Motors Corporation, makers of many car brands including Buick and Chevrolet, celebrates in this historic documentary the production of their 50 millionth car in the United States on 23 November 1954 with a parade through Flint, Michigan.

This was a pretty big production, back when cars were exciting & great…..unlike today. In the ’60’s when walking around was pretty usual get a free “car show” everywhere: in the driveway of peoples houses, in the parking lots, on the roads, everywhere. It was the cars that made America exciting. Almost iconic cars like the 57 Bel Air, the 60 Impala, the 57 Nomad.  Sadly, it’s not like that anymore and today there is not much to look for.

As well as amazing 60’s cars, in the following video you’ll also see other industrial vehicles produced by General Motors, including diesel locomotives and the air-ride bus, along with amazing clips from inside the factory where cars were being assembled.


Watch the GM 50 million cars celebration video in the next page below!

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