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Have you ever seen a midsize 1949 Mercury?

Mechanic builds scaled-down classic cars

In Maricopa, Arizona, you can find the Dwarf Car Museum, the showcase of the life’s work of the 74 years old mechanic Ernie Adams. His talent was evident in 1965, when he built his first road-approved Dwarf Car, starting from old mechanic parts.


Each model is unique, made in metal and hand-built from scratch. It requires countless building hours, between 3000 and 4000 hours to complete each car.

These models attract the curiosity and attention of many people and someone has offered as much as $450.000 for one of them. But Ernie insists that his collection is not for sale.




These cars are amazing, everything is in place but in scaled-down size. Take a look for example at his 1949 Mercury Dwarf Car named “Rebel Rouser”… it is simply unbelievable and road approved!

Watch the videos below!

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