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Do you know that your vintage car could bounce?

What is the best way to show up with your vintage car?

There is a car’s culture born in East Los Angeles called LOW RIDER.
As the name could suggest, in the early days they had mainly the passion for lowering their cars at almost road level but today they do everything differently and their cars have a pretty unique feature
So what should be the main feature of a car? Well, in this case it’s not about going as fast as possible, but it’s about style, looking good and of course… bouncing. Yes, you read that right, because in these cars have been installed custom idraulic suspension systems that can raise and lower the chassis at the flip of a switch and doing this action produces an awesome jumping sequence.
These cars are beautiful in “normal and traditional mode”, but extremely funny and addictive when jumping, it’s something similar to a roller coaster ride.
Take a look at this very original way to interpret the vintage car’s passion!

Low Riders: “It’s not about souping up your car to go as fast as possible, it’s about style.” -Jay Leno.—Watch Jay Leno’s Garage TONIGHT at 10p ET/PT on CNBC!

Posted by Jay Leno’s Garage on Tuesday, October 13, 2015

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