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1957 Plymouth Belvedere sat buried for 50 years

50 years ago a Plymouth Belvedere was buried! Now it’s back!

June 15th 1957, a brand new Plymouth Belvedere was buried along with a time capsule outside the courthouse in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma, as part of Oklahoma’s semi-centennial, and the Tulsarama festivities. For 50 years the car remained buried, but in June of 2007, Tulsarama festivities returned and the car as been brought to light.

Sadly the car was flooded with water during the years and the conservation status was not exactly as expected…

Take a look at these videos, one is a video pictorial, one is the unveiling event and one is an extract of the official documentary that was created following the event.

This is a video pictorial of the 1957 Plymouth Belvedere

Unveiling Video of Tulsa’s Buried Belvedere

Official Plymouth Belvedere Documentary trailer

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